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Rise in Revolution (RiR) is an original story that I am writing, placed in a scifi/fantasy kind of setting. Kaldriel, a world of magic, was invaded by aliens twenty years before the start of the story. They took over, set up a supercomputer called the Mainframe to run the planet, and left.

This story uses both original characters of mine and characters based off of my friends. Every single character that I did not create was used with permission from the friend in question- they helped to design their character to some degree and agreed to allow me to write them. Note that these characters may not behave completely like the people they are based on: these characters have had different experiences, backgrounds, and may not even be human. Just because character x falls in love with character y does not mean that those two people necessarily are in a relationship, nor does character a hating character b mean that those people don't get along.

World map: http://tanadin.deviantart.com/art/Kaldriel-RiR-map-594639189

Rise in Revolution chapter list
Word total: 163,033
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Descent of Nightmare chapter list
Word total: In progress

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Other works in the universe:

Darkheart: https://saladlove.dreamwidth.org/76111.html 11k
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You're probably here if you're an old fan of the series, keeping up with Static, or just stumbled across it! Well, let me let you in on a little secret:
This is literally the worst.
Don't read anything on this masterpost unless it's Static as I update it live. I'm currently in the process of publishing the original trilogy (I just submitted Monstrous for preorder the night that I'm writing this so I'm HYPED) and it's far, far better in every way. I highly recommend reading that instead!
Thank you! <3

Reminder that Monstrous is part one, followed by Residual and then Fated.

NOTE: This is a masterpost of EVERY CHAPTER of the ENTIRE SERIES. Read the chapters in order, and note that as time goes on, the quality improves- particularly between Monstrous and Residual. You'll have to bear with me through the older chapters as they can be a bit difficult.

And if for some reason you didn't know about Project Monstrous, the animation project that will be fully voiced, animated, etc., well...that's a thing. I'll add more information here when I have time but for now just PM me if you want to know more about it. (Pssst we're in need of animators and voices, particularly a Vechs voice)

Map of the continent during Monstrous/Residual: http://tanadin.deviantart.com/art/Monstrous-Residual-map-526465833
Map of the continent during Fated: http://tanadin.deviantart.com/art/Fated-map-544073443
Map of the continent during Static: http://tanadin.deviantart.com/art/Static-map-606709103

Warning: Monstrous doesn't accurately follow the map, as it was created after it was finished. Sorry for any confusion.

Original trilogy word total: 334,214 words
Entire series word total: In progress

Word total: 41,785
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Word total: 102,162
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Word total: 190,267
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Word total: In progress
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Monstrous Tales
Extra writings in the universe
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Other stuff I've written:
Cleanup(Prompt swap)- http://mindcracklove.dreamwidth.org/960316.html
Nyoom (Prompt swap)- https://mindcracklove.dreamwidth.org/1093051.html
Cloak of Fire, Eyes of Life- https://mindcracklove.dreamwidth.org/1096784.html
RiR/DoN- https://tanadin.dreamwidth.org/650.html (Non-Mindcrack, but a continually updating series)


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